Alumapalooza! Airstream Introduces New Bicycle

The iconic all-aluminium RV brand partners with Pedego to introduce its electric bicycle.
4 July, 2017
For more than 85 years, the Airstream company has built a reputation on recreational vehicles that have made the American brand synonymous with RV camping.
Yet they're ready to introduce a new adventure, and if the brand conjures up visions of those vintage aluminium machines lumbering down the highway? Lay those notions to rest, because there's nothing antique about the new electric bike.

Yes, Airstream has partnered with Pedego Electric Bikes to produce the new Pedego Airstream Electric Bike, a beautiful brushed aluminium model inspired by the classic RV look but in a state-of-the-art ride. The bikes were introduced in early June at "Alumapalooza," the official Airstream fest held each year for RV enthusiasts and community members at the company's Ohio home.
Image: Airstream
"Airstream customers love the outdoors and the open road, so we are thrilled to partner with Pedego and allow Airstreamers to take their journeys even further with these one-of-a-kind aluminum electric bikes," says Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler.

They're perfect for Airstream owners who want to hop on their bikes and explore each new destination, but there's nothing that stops the urban cycling enthusiast who doesn't even own a car (much less tow an RV with an old "silver bullet" heritage) from using one of these rechargeable bikes for a commute.
Image: Designboom
Pedego specializes in electric bicycles that support a rider's own physical abilities and extend their range with environmentally friendly power systems. The 48-volt lightweight lithium battery comes with 10 or 15 AH, providing an average of 25 to 60 miles distance per charge. So even if that's not taking you to see breathtaking scenery from the Catskills to Colorado, it still will take you to the city center and back. It just won't take you there at more than 32 kilometers per hour; the bikes are capped at that limit.

The aluminium bikes are a bit pricey, beginning at USD $2,995, but they are beautiful. The Pedego Airstream comes in in both classic and step-through frame designs, all of them at a standard 26 inches. They're designed for comfort at any age, with a cushy upright riding seat and a wide, swept-back style on handlebars that are relatively narrow when compared with the solid width of the aluminium frame components. The bikes come with safety features including front and rear lights, and Kevlar-belted tires to prevent flats. Riders also benefit from a USB phone charging port and LCD display to stay connected.
Image: Designboom
Pedego is building the bikes with seven-speed Shimano gear system and SRAM disc brakes, along with the electrical power package they're known for. The company makes 10 models of "pedal or not" bikes that allow riders to have a natural cycling experience but can boost that for longer distances, tough elevations, or times when you just don't want to arrive at your destination displaying all that exertion.

When a rider does choose some electric energy, he or she can do so using one of five settings designed to support a natural riding experience. The motor and gear system are aligned for a smooth and quiet shift to electric-bike mode, particularly useful when quick acceleration or dealing with hills is needed. After using it, the battery is designed to recharge in 2 to 6 hours using a standard wall outlet. The company says it uses very little power to recharge, and has a "smart" feature to shut off when done.

While there are naysayers who think the throttle means that cyclists won't get much needed exercise, Pedego says more people are likely to ride longer if it isn't such an endurance challenge. Airstream is betting they're right, and that the branded aluminium bikes become as familiar as the RV legend is.
Banner image: Airstream