The electric elbike

German company Ansmann AG puts some engine expertise into a new smart bicycle.
7 September, 2017
Bicycle designer Mike Glaser has built a new electric bike that's lightweight, easy to use, and powered with an electric motor to make the sustainable transportation option more accessible to a new generation of riders.
The aluminium elbike is designed to require less effort for a work commute, to support a rider with less energy or physical capacity, or to help when encountering difficult terrain. The option is a big deal in Germany, where 50 percent of the population uses a bicycle at least once per week and the high performing, environmentally friendly bike is in the spotlight.
"I want to reach a whole new level with an electric bike. It features a philosophy and design at a great price.
Mike Glaser
The hub front engine built by Ansmann AG has a maximum speed of 25km/h, with a 250/350W power rating. The company used to make the e-bikes themselves, but a 2015 decision to focus instead on electric bike systems has kept them an industry player.

The engine pairs with a 36V removable, rechargeable battery that's hidden in the frame. The battery allows a range of 50 kilometers at full speed, or 80 kilometers at a more leisurely pace. The bike includes a display to let users know their battery status. It takes about six hours for a full recharge, which involves removing the battery and simply plugging it in. The battery is designed to last at capacity through 500 full charges, or 3000 partial loads, with 75 percent performance after meeting those thresholds.
Elbike describes the front hub drive of the engine as being like all-wheel drive for a bicycle. The rider still powers the back wheel by pedaling, but the engine boosts that by powering up the front wheel.

The e-bike engine adds very little weight to the bike at just 1.5 kilograms, but it isn't the only lightweight component. Aluminium is used to build the frame and fork, with the cables tucked inside. Along with aluminium rims, the user-friendly material keeps the bike's weight at just 15 kilograms and makes it easier to handle, but also easier to move and carry.

That's a big win when lugging the bike into an elevator, or swinging it up on a bike-friendly commuter train. The emphasis on sustainability in marketing the bicycle to users, and in the materials used to build it, also means that it's important to remove as many barriers as possible so that people are more inclined to ride.
Other features include Shimano M425 brake levers and breaks, and Shimano RT26 discs. It's available in three sizes, with some 200 colors to choose from so that users find a perfect complement to their personal style as well as the sleek minimalist aesthetic of the elbike.

The bike's been in the works since 2016 but is available for delivery in January 2018. Elbike is currently offered on a crowdfunding platform where it has already exceeded its necessary funding target. The bikes sell for USD$999.
Banner image: El Bike