All about aluminium

Without dreams society dies…
Paco Rabanne
Among beautiful things,
especially the ones beautiful in their meaning, in what they symbolize, life becomes better

Philip Stark
Many people may find it peculiar that a website about aluminium has the words of a famous French designer as the epigraph. However, let us remember that twelve dresses of his first collection were made from materials that "modern technology offers to us," to use his own words. To readers who know his style, it will come as no surprise that one of these dresses was a mini-dress made of aluminium plates.

Aluminium is a unique metal. Everywhere you look you will see its applications. Here is a new building. It is huge, but it looks airy; large glass panels are framed with a light metal. It is aluminium. A young girl is walking along the street wearing smart, slightly shimmering shoes. Obviously, they are not made of metal, but they shine because they are covered with a thin sheen of aluminium powder. In the window of a jewelry store rubies, sapphires, and topazes shine. They are aluminium minerals. At home, in the office, in cafes and restaurants you can find this softly shining metal everywhere. Chairs and cans with soft drinks, ballpoint pens and kitchen utensils, a music center and a reading lamp, a laptop, an airplane, a candy wrapper, a car, a cellphone – we can go on and on, listing all things made of this amazing metal, aluminium. Their advantages are equally numerous – they are easy to use, light, practical, functional, elegant, strikingly beautiful…
"Among beautiful things, especially the ones beautiful in their meaning, in what they symbolize, life becomes better," says trend-setting furniture designer Philip Stark who also used this metal with a silver shine. Talking of silver, the metal that was named "aluminium" only two hundred years ago was once valued more than silver and gold. It was used to make jewelry that smart ladies of Paris wore. Emperor Napoleon ate off aluminium dishes. But gradually aluminium turned from an exotic metal into an indispensable material for architects, engineers, designers. It allowed many of them to realize their dreams and made us look at the world of usual things differently.

Launching this new web-source, our goal is to make our readers see ordinary things from a different angle. We hope this web-site will appeal to all those who think about the future and who want to have an input in its creation, who walk hand in hand with progress and cannot imagine a life without modern communication tools, safe transport and a comfortable environment. A famous economist called Peter Drucker once said; ''The best way to predict your future is to create it''. We are confident that 'winged metal' has a bright and interesting future and we invite you to become a part of it.

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