Luxury is in the details

Rolls-Royce has been renowned for its iconic exquisite motor cars and more. The company manufactures hand-crafted car accessories, and recently presented a new item – a luxurious pursuit seat made of aluminium. The price of the product shows its premium nature costing over £6,500 GBP, excluding local taxes.
December 11, 2020
The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective consists of a team of highly skilled engineers and designers, with their primary task of bringing the unique state-of-the-art Rolls-Royce to life. Exclusively hand-made to order, the creative team is constantly innovating components of accessories designs, helping to produce vehicles that are both extravagant and wholly irresistible.

"The Rolls-Royce 'pursuit seat' is a contemporary reimagining of the traditional portable seat. The perfect perch for flying a drone, painting a landscape masterpiece or simply pausing to take in the view - the 'pursuit seat' offers both ease and style."

The high-end car producer guarantees that akin to a Rolls-Royce motor car, only the finest materials are utilised when designing an accessory for a Rolls-Royce. For an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, much of the seat's body is made of polished aluminum. There are also carbon fiber elements in the supports.
The gently flared aluminium ferrule on the end of the structure provides a solid hold on hard surfaces, with an extendable spike on the bottom for better stability on soft ground. As an opulent additional feature, there's also a hidden aluminium light stored in the hinge of the seat that users can pull out if they're making the most of the 'pursuit seat' for darker locations. The seat is made from the finest leather and clients can choose from an array of colours to match or contrast with their car's interior.

The pursuit seat is available to purchase individually or as a pair. Prices for an individual seat start from £6,581 GBP (around $9,000), excluding taxes.
"We look to create accessories that enhance our clients' lifestyles, says Matthew Danton, Rolls-Royce Bespoke Designer. Like every Bespoke commission, each detail of the Pursuit Seat has been minutely considered and meticulously designed, then handcrafted using the very finest materials. The marriage of carbon fiber, polished aluminium and Rolls-Royce leather demonstrates the art of contemporary craftsmanship."

Previously the RR Bespoke Collective wowed its luxury obsessed clientele and design enthusiast with a Champagne Chest suited to "the most extravagant of environments from a superyacht deck to the terrace of a private residence."
The Champagne Chest includes the following: removable serving tray, champagne bottle thermal flask (accommodates most 75cl champagne bottles), two thermal caviar bowls (to accommodate 30g caviar tin), two accoutrement bowls and Mother of pearl caviar spoons (or accoutrement configuration with three removable porcelain bowls), four embroidered napkins and four hand-blown champagne flutes. The aluminium chassis is swathed in natural grain leather, flanked by exquisite wood.

The official website discloses the Champagne Chest price upon the individual request only. However, publications that followed last year item release mentioned it worth £37,000 GBP, excluding local taxes.